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The Legacy of the NWMP Today
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The North West Mounted Police enthralled a nation and the world. The symbol of a police officer clad in red serge, riding a horse to "always get his man", is one of Canada's most recognizable symbols.

The NWMP, and now the RCMP, stand for honesty, courage, impartiality, tenacity and a job well done. These qualities date back to the March West when the men set off for lands only partially explored. They had a long journey ahead of them and were plagued by poor horses, often traveling for days without proper food and water for either man or horse.

Yet they arrived in the west, and brought law and order to both Native and white alike. Everyone was treated the same. Lawbreakers were tracked and many were caught, sometimes years after committing their crime.

In spite of the many challenges they faced, both on the prairies and in the Arctic, the NWMP always faced these challenges and over-came them.


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7. Establishment of a National Police Force

The Musical Ride